‘My job is to get people what they want – from watches to submarines’

An entrepreneur has given a glimpse inside his fascinating day job – as he runs a business sourcing anything that people want, from working submarines to gold plated watches.

If you want it, 32-year-old Jonathan Murray can get it – for a fee.

He founded Black Label Supply 18 months ago with his business partner, Michael Tesseras, 28, after spending several years with concierge company Quintessentially.

Now the pair have set up on their own, and have already built up a substantial customer base of wealthy clients and a reputation of success.

Recently they sourced a working submarine for a corporate cocktail party, but Jonathan explained that isn’t all they do.

Between Murray, Tesseras and two others, Black Label Supply claims to have established a network of contacts which they can use to source – just about anything.

Jonathan, from Maidstone, Kent said: “Between the four of us we work in partnership with other concierge businesses, who then use us for our contacts.

“This industry is all about who you know – and we know a hell of a lot of people.”

Jonathan got the job with Quintessentially after he was recommended by a friend in the industry which is where he met Michael.

He worked as a luxury item finder for different global clients for three years, during which time he built up an extensive bank of international contacts.

He then used his networking skills to go it alone with Michael and founded Black Label Supply, but he claims they are not a direct competitor of his old firm.

Jonathan said: “Unlike these concierges, we don’t have a membership fee.

“We work off volume of orders and then charge a sourcing fee – which is incorporated within the total so the customer doesn’t feel they are charged any extra.’

“We think of ourselves as a black book of contacts for the extremely wealthy to use at their disposal.

“Although we never turn anyone away, we mostly work with the super-rich because they ask for the weirdest and most wonderful things which we specialise in.”

Recently Black Label Supply was approached by a hospitality company, who were keen to do a marketing stunt involving a submarine.

Jonathan says he then used his personal contacts and found a submarine big enough to take 100 guests to the depths of the Atlantic ocean just off the coast of Portugal for an exclusive underwater cocktail party.

The company has also supplied box tickets for Champions League finals and front row seats for Paris Fashion Week, it is claimed – despite them never being released to the general public.

Jonathan said: “The most bizarre item we’ve sourced so far has been a submarine for a cocktail party.

“We were approached by a hospitality group to help them pull off the stunt, so I hit up an old contact I used to play rugby with in my twenties.

“That contact was a captain in the navy and happened to have ties to a private arms dealer who then supplied us the submarine.

“We rented it for a day on his behalf, and the sub arrived at a specific location in Portugal to submerge 100 guests for a corporate do.

“We have also set up private kicking practice events with rugby superstars where parents can pay for their kids to have a day’s session with the sport’s top players.

“It’s all organised through tapping up the right contacts who we have developed over our years in the industry.”

Jonathan plans to keep growing the business at a steady rate, but is hesitant to charge a membership fee as it will put him in direct competition with other industry giants.

“At the moment the concierges use us for our contacts and vice a versa – but as soon as we start charging membership fees, we’ll become direct competitors,” he said.

“That’s why we’re happy to keep profiting solely off small sourcing fees and not burning any bridges with useful contacts.

“As I said, the business is model is all about networking, and it’s through our connections that we can confidently say we can get our hands on just about anything!”