Pub sparks fury with sausage roll that costs more than minimum wage

A pub sausage roll with an extortionate price tag has sparked outrage and disbelief, with even pasty king Greggs voicing its disgust.

The sausage roll s in question, sold at an unknown pub in the UK, are being flogged for the eyebrow-raising sum of £7.50 each.

To put this into context, the national hourly minimum wage for those under 21 in the UK is £6.83, meaning many people would have to work for more than an hour to afford one themselves.

With sausage rolls known and loved as a cheap and cheerful lunchtime treat, this steep price tag has left a bad taste for some, as previously reported by the Daily Star, with many able to overlook the “audacity”.

An image of a blackboard sign proudly advertising the sausage rolls was shared by popular Twitter account No Context Brits (@NoContextBrits) alongside the caption, “It’s the audacity for me.”

Many other Twitter users were similarly baffled, with one person retorting: “Unless there’s swan meat in the rolls, I don’t want to know.”

Another said that it “better be the size of a cricket bat”, while a third argued that, at that price, it really should “come with a starter and a dessert.”

A fourth spluttered: “Bloody hell. Are they like eight-foot long? I’d expect to be eating sausage roll leftovers every meal for a week for that price.”

A fifth individual pointed out that this price tag was indeed higher than the national hourly minimum wage, making it far from an affordable midday snack for many.

Popular high street pastry chain Greggs, famed for their own reasonably priced £1.25 sausage rolls, chimed in the heated conversation, tweeting, “Cheers, Greggs is crying. Nice one.”

The pic prompted many pub-goers to share their own horror stories of expensive snacks, with one particularly alarming photo showing nuts being sold for £5.50.