Dog dances for everybody who visits shelter in hopes someone will adopt her

Standing out in a room packed with hopeful rescue dogs is challenging – but this pooch has come up with an adorable solution.

A stray dog has been dancing for everybody who walks past her in kennels in hopes someone will stop and watch her impressive moves.

And lucky for Ginger Rogers, her dance moves managed to secure her a home.

The one-year-old dog was taken in by Orange County Animal Services, in Florida, but was struggling to win over an owner after testing positive for heartworm.

Heartworm, also known as drofilaria immitis, is transmitted by mosquitos and can cause serious illness and even death in dogs.

A Vets2Pets statement reads: “Heartworm are very thin, thread-worms that can reach up to 30cm in length. You won’t see these worms yourself though, as they live within the right side of the heart, and the main artery leading from the heart to the lungs.

“Heartworms are nasty, and thankfully are not found in the UK. They are transmitted by mosquitos, and are therefore found in warmer countries, such as those in southern Europe.”

Sharing a video of Ginger Rogers busting out her moves, the team at Orange County Animal Services said: “Do you like to dance? Ginger Rogers is looking for a new partner.”

Within hours of the video being shared online, the animal shelter was inundated with rehoming applications for the ‘dancing dog’.

A spokesperson added: “Ginger Rogers danced her way into hearts when her video was shared on social media. It’s been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“Miss Ginger has been adopted and she will soon be raising the roof under her new roof!”

Commenting on the video, one user said: “Yay! Happy dance Ginger Rogers. You are one precious and special baby.

“I pray that your new family will love, respect, cherish and take good care of you forever.

“If her new owners are reading this, please treat her heartworm ASAP.”

Another user added: “I wanted to say what a darling dog and what a lucky family she is going to! Aren’t animals the best! I wish much happiness to this little dancer.”

A third user said: “So cute! I am happy she found a new home. Where she can dance for the rest of her life.”